The Kickback

The Kickback

The Kickback is a podcast series featuring trending topics and some of the biggest names in the industry. Along with special guests, our regular panel of Steezus, John Colombo, and DanO break down current events in the sneaker world, completely unfiltered and unpredictable.

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The Kickback
  • Year-End Recap with Shoe Wolf

    We wrap up 2017 with a holiday recap episode. And who better to join us than our first ever Kickback guest Shoe Wolf. We talk about the resurgence of Air More Uptempos and AM97s, Jordans going to outlets, Nike's Revolutionairs Contest, the madness of ComplexCon, our favorite releases of the year ...

  • John Geiger

    Episode 27 we're joined by special guest, designer John Geiger. We talk about Misplaced Checks, starting his own line, not selling his name, upcoming collabs and much more.

  • Gary Hughes

    Episode 26 our guest is Gary Hughes, founder of Dunkxchange. We talk about how a pair of fake Nike SB Dunks inspired him to start the world's first sneaker trade show, holding the event in a bar, watching the culture change over the past decade, and much more.

  • John Park

    For Episode 24 (KOBE!) we're joined by John Park aka @iconiceruption. John is the collector we all wish we could be: a hype beast at heart but with a true appreciation and knowledge for the game. He brings this passion to the Kickback as we break down this week's sneaker headlines.

  • Ali Saint Q

    Episode 23 (Jordan Episode) features special guest Ali Saint Q, television producer and Founder/Design director at apparel brand Norwood. We recap ComplexCon and touch on some of this week's sneaker headlines. Along the way Ali drops straight gems for any youth aspiring to be a designer.

  • Audio Push

    Episode 21 the hip-hop duo Audio Push (@audiopush) join us for a special extended episode. It's a real Kickback vibe, and we talk about pretty much every topic imaginable: music, skateboarding, video games, fashion, twitter threats, the NFL, weed, horror movies, Trump, conspiracy theories, and ev...

  • Monica Lin

    For our 20th episode we're joined by our first female guest, Monica Lin (@thundercup), Marketing Director for Popular Demand and co-owner of Eyelust Eyewear. We're also joined by Monica's partner at Eyelust, Kiona Chresean (@kionachresean). Monica and Kiona bring a strong and much needed female v...

  • Brandon Edler

    Brandon Edler (@mrbrando3) joins us for Ep. 18 of The Kickback. As the Content Manager and Creative Strategist for Finish Line, Brandon has a unique perspective on sneaker marketing and the current direction of the industry. He brings that to the table as we discuss this week's sneaker headlines ...

  • Dro FE

    Our guest for The Kickback, Episode 19 is Texas Rapper Dro FE (@dro_fe). A fashion and sneaker enthusiast, Dro understands how the two work together, and he brings that understanding to this week's topics.

  • Slobby Robby Returns

    Episode 17 we welcome back Slobby Robby (@slobbyrobby). As a purveyor of all things vintage fashion and sneakers, Robby is the definition of an true expert. He shares that expertise and drops some serious knowledge on fashion and culture. And we have a damn good time along the way.

  • The Week in Review

    For Episode 16 it's just the boys, so we go deep in on this week's biggest stories, including adidas passing Jordan Brand, Nike's new FlyLeather, and the return of the Roc-a-Fella Air Force One.

  • Freehand Profit

    For Episode 15 we have one of our favorite artists, Gary Lockwood aka Freehand Profit (@freehandprofit), originator of the sneaker gas masks. He takes us through his artistic process, while discussing some of his biggest projects for adidas and Nike. He also weighs in on the rise of DIY sneaker c...

  • Al-Baseer Holly

    Ep. 14 we got Philly in the house. Our guest is Al-Baseer Holly (@theartofalbaseer), formerly Boo-Bonic of Philly's Most Wanted, and currently a visual artist and co-owner of Tango Hotel (@tangohotelbrand). We talk sneakers, art, fashion, reinventing yourself, marketing your product, following yo...

  • Miguel Garcia Larios

    For Episode 13 of The Kickback our guest is a legend in L.A. streetwear, Miguel Garcia Larios (@miggygala). He shares his views on the current state of streetwear and sneaker culture, and we weigh in on this week's top sneaker headlines.

  • Josh Stone

    The Kickback: Ep. 12 was recorded in our new and improved studio, so it’s only right we have a very special guest: Josh Stone, co-owner of Fat Sal's Deli. When it comes to sneakers, Josh is as opinionated, outspoken and passionate as they come, and that’s why we love having him.

  • Chad Little

    Ep. 11 of The Kickback features special guest Chad Little, a former footwear designer for Jordan Brand who also worked in the Nike Innovation Kitchen amongst some the brand’s legendary designers. Chad has the type of experience, insight, and stories that most sneaker lovers can only dream of, and...

  • Afrokix

    For Episode 9 of the Kickback we have special guest Afrokix (@afrokix) in the building. Few people in the world share the level of passion that his man has for sneakers, and that passion is undeniably felt throughout the entire episode. The culture needs more people like Afrokix.

  • Tyree Dillihay

    Episode 8 of The Kickback is with creator of the comic series Sn'eads and former director on Bob's Burgers Tyree Dillihay (@sneadsbyree). We discuss how the web series came about, what it's like to be a director on a hit show like Bob Burgers, and dive into some topical discussions in the sneaker...

  • The Space Episode

    Episode 7 aka The Space Episode. Joined by music producer Mike Cash, we cover this weeks’ biggest sneaker stories, including Reebok’s Floatride Space Boot. This leads us into a black hole of bodily space theories. We end by reviewing Reebok’s Alien Stompers: Final Battle Back.

  • Slobby Robby

    Episode 6 of The Kickback was recorded from the snrkINC booth at Agenda Long Beach with a very special guest, Slobby Robby (@slobbyrobby). Owner of the successful vintage shop, Generation Cool in Tucson, AZ, there's no one quite like Robby in the industry (or in the world, really). Fasten your se...

  • Zero Selon

    On Episode 5 of The Kickback our guest is Zero, owner of the shop Zero’s on Melrose ( in L.A., specializing in reselling limited kicks and streetwear. We tackle a whole range of topics and Zero keeps it absolutely 💯 on everything.

  • G.P. aka

    This week our guest G.P. a.k.a., reminds us that, at its core, the sneaker game is all about the thrill of the hunt. As a Product Manager for Nike, G.P. is looking to bring that back and make buying sneakers fun again. We talk about how he and Nike are doing that, and so much mor...

  • "Sneaker" Steve Patino

    This week our guest is Android Homme president "Sneaker" Steve Patiño. He gives us some insight into running a successful luxury sneaker brand. The highs, lows, and everything in between, Steve holds nothing back.

  • Donovan Carter

    For our second episode we've got Donovan Carger from HBO's "Ballers" in the building. He breaks down his love for kicks and how that influences his character's wardrobe. We also weigh in on this week's sneaker news.